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Friday, 21 October 2011

Mourinho: "I respect Malaga; the club has things in common with Real Madrid"

Jose Mourinho addressed the media the day prior to the match against Malaga at La Rosaleda.
"Malaga made a lot of signings and a great investment. Their objectives are clear and their quality as a team has increased. Their goal last year was to avoid relegation and they fight for something else this season. I'm very calm. I'd like to avoid losing tomorrow if possible. I expect and wish Malaga to achieve their goals for the season, such as playing in the Champions League next year. I respect Malaga. It is a club with things in common with Real Madrid, such as Juantio and Hierro. The fans of both clubs get along well with each other."

"Playing in Malaga is the same as playing in Seville or Valencia. I don't think Fabio Coentrao will be ready to play. We didn't recover any injured players after our match with Olympique Lyonnais and we lost Fabio."

"I've always said Cristiano Ronaldo is not a selfish player. I've also said it is impossible to change his DNA and that I don't wish to do so. I'm happy because practically all my forwards are scoring goals. Higuain, Kaka, Ozil, Benzema... they're all scoring."

"Carvalho has another year on his contract. he signed a two year contract with Real Madrid with an option for a third. He'd play if he had to, but we have enough defenders and shouldn't force his return. Sergio Ramos is strong psychologically and his work as a centre back is spotless. Only one month ago he was performing under par and experiencing difficulties, but now he's great in every aspect of the game. He doesn't mind playing either as a right back or in the centre. That's very positive for us."

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