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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mourinho: "The magnitude of the victory deserved such a celebration"

"Our opponent, spurred by a great atmosphere, made things hard for us to the very last minute"

Jose Mourinho was happy with his side's 1-0 victory against Real Sociedad at Anoeta Stadium.
"The magnitude of the victory deserved such a celebration. Our opponent, spurred by a great atmosphere, made things hard for us to the very last minute. We always controlled the game. We knew they were strong both physically and psychologically, and that they have a large squad that could bring changes to the game. We knew it wouldn't be easy in the last minutes. We managed to play united despite our exhaustion."

"This is nearly the fifth game we play every three days or so, which has deprived some of my men of their physical and mental freshness. My men lost some quality and danger after half-time, but we gained in collective efforts and psychological strength. We handled the score very well. Last year we suffered in the final minutes and we didn't control them too well this time around."
"It was tough because we faced a quality opponent. I made four changes to my lineup and I'm happy about it. The four of them deserved to play today, but I'm happy because the others brought things to the team. My men are having a good response and the squad is strong. We've just finished a difficult month and we have yet to play two more games before my men go around the world to play friendlies with their national teams."

"Throughout my career away games have always been tough. I like to win when my team controls a game both technically and mentally."

"Higuain played very well last year and he is simply fantastic this season. I'll never tire of saying we have two very good centre forwards who are in good form. I'm satisfield because they both perform well and for the team. We're tired but happy."

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