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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Mourinho: "The most positive thing at this stage in the season is to win without suffering"

"It's important to have as many players as possible available to us now that we'll play a game every three days"
Javier Garcia / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Jose Mourinho analysed his team's 4-0 win over Racing in the press conference following the match. 
"I like the final score, but what I most like is taking another three points and having one game less to play. We won without much brilliance, but without much effort either. It's important to have as many players as possible available to us now that we'll play a game every three days."

"Di Maria brings certain characteristics to the team that we've lacked in his absence. He allows us to make different transitions when we recover the ball and attack. His recovery is very important."

"Khedira is a very good option for us. Everyone's available save for Lass and Altintop. The former may not be able to play in Moscow, but he'll be back soon. Altintop is still recovering."

"Higuain didn't train all week, but, as the professional he is, he wanted to be here. It is important to have him on the bench because we only have two pure centre forwards. He would have played had I needed him, but there was no reason to take risks. I didn't want him to play because he is very important to us."

"I love my former sides Inter Milan and Chelsea, and their fans as well. I'd rather those fans supported their teams and their coaches rather than me. I'm their past, and a very good one at that, so they remember me. I'm no longer there and they should fight together instead of thinking about those who aren't there any more."

"People criticise us managers when we do a bad job, and sometimes this can be very harsh. The press is also criticised for doing a bad job itself. I believe it's bad journalism when a newspaper demands that a suspended footballer plays."

"Our eyes are now on the Champions League and we must focus on our match against CSKA Moscow. We're all happy. We have two days in which to recover. We're a happy bunch and we are very motivated for the match, but we know playing in Moscow will be difficult."

"Di Stefano is Di Stefano and no one at this club can be compared to him."

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