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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Reyes: "It's special to celebrate a title we haven't won in such a long time"

"We're proud to celebrate the title with you all and to see you enjoy it us much as we do"
Realmadrid.com / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

The Real Madrid roster and staff thanked fans for their support in their Copa del Rey success during the celebrations in the Spanish capital.
Felipe Reyes
"It is very special for us to celebrate this with the Mayor and the President because we haven't won it in 19 years, which is a lot for Real Madrid. We're proud to celebrate it with all of you and to see you enjoy it as much as we do."

Pablo Laso
"We're proud to bring you this Cup title and we're delighted to celebrate with you all. There's even greater merit to winning the title against a great opponent like Barcelona. To win this tournament you have to defeat three teams and we played a high level in all games."

Sergio Llull
"Nineteen years were too many. It was about time we won this title. We deserved to and we expect to return at the end of the season to celebrate more titles."

Carlos Suarez
"We'll play a very important game on Thursday against Unicaja in which our future in the Euroleague will be at stake. We want your support in such an important clash."

Emiliano Rodriguez, Presidential Aide for Basketball
"We were so excited about winning the title that it may not have sunk in yet. It was an amazing game in which the coach devised a great system. We deserved to win from the opening minute. It was key to have a solid defence."

Clifford Luyk, Technical Advisor
"The victory was important because we had three important handicaps in the game: playing three games in three days, not having the home advantage, and having a much younger roster. We gave a great performance. All our players performed at a high level. This is symbolic and we should use it to make people aware of the greatness of this club. We're optimistic about our chances in the Euroleague despite having an average start to the Top 16. We hope to overcome this with the morale boost the Copa del Rey has given us."

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