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Hala Madrid
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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Rogerio Ceni: "It's a spectacle to watch Mourinho train; he is one of the best coaches in football history"

"Real Madrid set an example for teams around the world to follow with their tradition, history, stadium and fan base"

Alberto Navarro / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Rogerio Ceni (Parana, Brazil, 22/01/1973) was the guest of honour on Wednesday's training session. The Brazilian is the all-time top scoring goalkeeper with 100 strikes and followed the session closely.
What are you doing in Madrid? Did you come with your friend Kaka?
I wanted to learn how Real Madrid work. This club sets a great example for all other teams in the world and I had a chance to learn about Jose Mourinho’s methods when I injured my shoulder. He and the club’s structure are admirable. It’s been a great chance to learn and enhance my knowledge. Kaka and I have been friends for a long time since our Sao Paulo days. I met him when he was a child over 10 years ago.
What do you think of Mourinho’s methods?
Watching him is pure spectacle. He designs workouts for specific positions, does tactical work… I like how he talks to his men and how close he is to them. I also like the way he handles their relationship with the press. All of this is important to have a good and easy going atmosphere. I think I’ve taken a lot from this which I could use some day if I ever decide to coach. I will take this experience back with me to Brazil. I’ve learned a lot just by watching and listening.
Is he the best coach in the world?
Yes, he is. He’s been in the elite for years, training important sides like Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid for ten years. He always wins and reaches finals. Judging from what I’ve seen and how he commands the team, he isn’t just one of the best right now, but one of the best in football history.
Many of the players he’s coached say he manages to make them support him to the end. What do you think he has to achieve this?
It must be a real pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable. It’s a great opportunity for athletes, especially young ones, to follow orders from him and his staff. The closeness he has with his men is obvious, and that’s important.
You’ve also had a chance to talk to the players…
I’ve spent some time with Marcelo and Pepe, whom I met in Brazil, with Kaka, who hasn’t changed and is still a gentleman, with Cristiano Ronaldo… It’s nice to see 20 or 30 players of such quality training together. There is a very nice atmosphere on the squad. I will be just another fan on Saturday and I wish Real Madrid a lot of luck.
You played with Kaka at Sao Paulo. What would you highlight about him?
He’s fantastic both as a player and as a person. You have to be a great person in order to be a great player. I’ve known him since he was 18 years old, when he started training with the first team at Sao Paulo. You could already tell he was different from the rest. He’s always thinking about the goal and he is a vertical player with great vision and speed.

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