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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Casillas: "We have to defend our place on the table in every game"

"We never believed we had the title; there are eleven games left and we'll do our best to win"
Realmadrid.com / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Iker Casillas shared his views on the match against Malaga with the media.
"It's annoying to concede a goal at the very end, but we shouldn't worry and must now think about our next game. We're in good physical form and have been all season. We couldn't do anything to avoid Cazorla's amazing goal. I congratulate him for it. We had many chances to kill the game, but we didn't and suffered from that. We've been luckier in other games. Sometimes it's good to be pinched in order to look ahead."
"We must think about Wednesday's match against Villarreal, who will make it hard for us in order to get out of the delicate situation they're in."

"We never thought we'd won the league and we have to defend our place in every game. We are about to play difficult matches on the road and must focus on one at a time. We want to win again. We had a ten point lead and it's annoying to drop it by two, but there are eleven games left and we'll do our best to win. We must stand united with our fans till the end. We understand the Bernabeu crowd is very demanding."

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