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Hala Madrid
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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Real Madrid 4-1 Mallorca

Whites take a record 100 points with their victory over Mallorca

Fernando Porrero / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Real Madrid defeated Mallorca and took three points to reach the unprecedented 100 point mark in La Liga. Their numbers this season have been truly spectacular, ensuring people will always remember it. In two years, Jose Mourinho has won two titles with Real Madrid: the Copa del Rey and La Liga. Let's see if the Champions League is next.
The manager used a stellar lineup to try to reach the 100 point mark and to thrill those on the stands. Khedira had a good chance on the 6-minute mark, but Aouate managed to clear the shot. The keeper also saved a Benzema strike one minute later. Real Madrid were clearly dominating the clash and eventually scored when Ronaldo headed in a cross from Marcelo, netting his 46th strike of the season.

Benzema defeated Aouate from inside the box following a good team effort (22'). Mallorca were practically unable to resist their onslaughts and could only wait for the locals to slow down their game, which they did after the second strike. Nevertheless, Mallorca didn't take advantage of this and never posed a threat on Casillas' goal, while Real Madrid had a double chance through Benzema and Ronaldo that the keeper cleared on both counts. Just before half-time, Mourinho decided to make Albiol come on for Arbeloa.

The second half started as the first, with Real Madrid playing a fast and vertical game. Ozil netted the third goal with an amazing lob after receiving an assist from Higuain (48'). Mallorca then tried harder for a goal and got it from Castro following a solid team effort (51').

Their strike didn't really change anyhting and the Whites reacted with yet another strike from Ozil, who used a Marcelo cross to send the ball to the back of the net by grazing the far post. The match lost steam in the final minutes and Mallorca hardly attacked at all. Higuian received a thunderous ovation when he was replaced by Di Maria (66') and the entire crowd asked him not to leave the team. The Madridistas had a few more chances on goal that were all cleared by Aouate, who was injured towards the end of the match.

Real Madrid

  • 1I. CasillasGoalkeeper
  • 17Á. ArbeloaSubstitution Off
  • 3Pepe
  • 4S. Ramos
  • 12MarceloSubstitution Off
  • 6S. Khedira
  • 14X. Alonso
  • 9K. BenzemaGoal
  • 10M. ÖzilGoalGoal
  • 7C. RonaldoGoal
  • 20G. HiguaínSubstitution Off


  • 22Á. Di MaríaSubstitution On
  • 35Jesús
  • 15Fábio CoentrãoSubstitution On
  • 11E. Granero
  • 21J. Callejón
  • 8Kaká
  • 18R. AlbiolSubstitution On
José Mourinho


  • 13D. AouateGoalkeeperSubstitution Off
  • 22P. Cendrós
  • 12Chico
  • 4I. Ramis
  • 15P. Cáceres
  • 19Martí
  • 5T. Pina
  • 7M. PereiraSubstitution Off
  • 28P. BigasSubstitution Off
  • 11G. CastroGoalYellow Card
  • 18Víctor


  • 23F. TissoneSubstitution On
  • 10T. Hemed
  • 2G. Zuiverloon
  • 3João Victor
  • 24A. AlfaroSubstitution On
  • 1J. CalatayudSubstitution On
  • 21M. Crespí
Joaquín Caparrós

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