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Hala Madrid
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Benzema: "What characterises this team is its fighting spirit and we gave our all in the second half"

Albiol: "We came back from a 2-0 defeat at home by reacting, playing well and fixing things in the second half"
Cris Trujillo / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Karim Benzema scored the victory goal against Malaga. The French striker and Raul Albiol addressed the media in the mixed zone.
"The first half was difficult, but we won the game. I celebrated my goal with Higuain because we're both strikers and feel the same way about it. What characterises this team is its fighting spirit and that's why we gave our all in the second half. We fought hard."

"The first games in every year are always dangerous and it is hard to adapt after the Christmas break. We were losing 2-0 at home, but we reacted, played well and fixed things in the second half. We ended up winning 3-2, proving we know how to react. The crowd also gave us all its support."

"We knew we would suffer, but we became more confident after scoring our first goal. A draw in Malaga would be enough to make it to the next round, but we intend to win."

"We would have liked to give a perfect performance throughout the entire match, but we had to make a comeback. We must now think about our match against Granada and correct the mistakes we made tonight."

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