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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Karanka: "Higuain and Benzema again proved they can play together"

"Our third goal was crucial; we became more dangerous in wider spaces after it"
Realmadrid.com / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Assistant coach Aitor Karanka addressed the media after the match against Granada at the Bernabeu.
"Our third goal was crucial; we became more dangerous in wider spaces after it. Higuain and Benzema again proved they can play together."

"Jose Mourinho had to leave tonight due to a family problem and I've explained in the past why I sometimes speak in his place. Today it was for a different reason."

"We knew Granada would defend fiercely and they were organised in the first half. It was difficult for us to attack. Granada are built to defend and counterattack."

"It's not the norm that Higuain and Benzema play together, but they can. They did so in the second half of our previous match and they were both starters tonight. The team is more together and balanced when it works hard and covers a lot of ground. Both strikers are very dangerous up front. Benzema's injury doesn't seem serious at first. It happened during the first half; he strained himself and we took him off as a precaution."

"A player of Cristiano's professional nature and experience gets angry when things don't turn out. We all know how much he wants to help the team. The gesture he had after scoring was just a sign of rage, that's all."

"Arbeloa missed the match because, after talking to him, we decided he wasn't fully fit to play. There were other players in better shape and we must have the best readily available."
"Every half-time chat is different. They are conditioned by your opponent and the competition. It isn't the same to concede a goal in the Copa del Rey and in the league. That's what half-times are for. You use them to talk about mistakes and correct them."

"Granada's supporters set an example for everyone. They came all the way to cheer their team on and should be praised for it."

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