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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Kuwait 0-2 Real Madrid

Whites seal season with victory in the Middle East country with goals from Di Maria and Cristiano Ronaldo

Realmadrid.com / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Real Madrid put an end ot the 2011/12 season with a 2-0 victory against the Kuwait national team with goals by Di Maria and Cristiano Ronaldo. Jose Mourinho used a different lineup in each half and the team always dominated the encounter.
Mourinho said in the pre-match press conference that Real Madrid weren't doing tourism in Kuwait and proved it tonight. He used a lineup with changes in the defensive half, but using heavy guns Ozil, Di Maria, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema in the first half. Ozil put the local goalkeeper to the test with a powerful shot on the 7-minute mark. Cristiano Ronaldo was the team's most active player in the opening minutes and hit the crossbar from a free-kick early in the game (9').

Mourinho made Callejon come on for Benzema on the 22-minute mark and Di Maria scored the opener four minutes later with a left footed shot from outside the box. Cristiano Ronaldo later scored the team's second goal by heading in a solid cross into the box by Altintop (31').

Nine different players joined forces with Callejon and Altintop after half-time and Real continued dominating the encounter while Kuwait tried to create danger in counterattacks. The locals also made changes and improved their game, forcing Casillas to clear three shots before the end of the clash.


  • 22N. Al KhaldiGoalkeeperSubstitution Off
  • 5A. Al Fadhel
  • 2A. Al MaatouqSubstitution Off
  • 13M. Al EneziSubstitution Off
  • 3F. ShaheenSubstitution Off
  • 7F. Al EneziSubstitution Off
  • 11F. Al AnsariSubstitution Off
  • 14T. Al Amer
  • 15Waleed AliSubstitution Off
  • 16H. Al EneziSubstitution Off
  • 20Y. Al SulaimanSubstitution Off


  • 23A. Al SalimiSubstitution On
  • 6K. Al QahtaniSubstitution On
  • 19M. RashedSubstitution OnSubstitution Off
  • 4H. FadelSubstitution On
  • 8S. Al SheikhSubstitution On
  • 18J. Al AtaiqiSubstitution On
  • 12H. Al MoussawiSubstitution On
  • 17B. Al MutwaSubstitution On
  • 1K. Al RashidiSubstitution On
  • 21A. Al MaqseedSubstitution On
Goran Tufegdzic

Real Madrid

  • 13A. AdánGoalkeeperSubstitution Off
  • 16H. Altintop
  • 19R. VaraneSubstitution Off
  • 2R. CarvalhoSubstitution Off
  • 15Fábio CoentrãoSubstitution Off
  • 11E. GraneroSubstitution Off
  • 5N. SahinSubstitution Off
  • 22Á. Di MaríaGoalSubstitution Off
  • 10M. ÖzilSubstitution Off
  • 7C. RonaldoGoalSubstitution Off
  • 9K. BenzemaSubstitution Off


  • 6S. Khedira
  • 1I. CasillasSubstitution On
  • 12MarceloSubstitution On
  • 17Á. ArbeloaSubstitution On
  • 4S. RamosSubstitution On
  • 21J. CallejónSubstitution On
  • 8KakáSubstitution On
  • 24Lass DiarraSubstitution On
  • 18R. AlbiolSubstitution On
  • 20G. HiguaínSubstitution On
  • 3PepeSubstitution On
José Mourinho

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