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Monday, 14 May 2012

Real Madrid offer league title to the citizens of Madrid

The team visited the headquarters of the Government of Madrid, City Hall and La Almudena Cathedral
Realmadrid.com / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Real Madrid presented their 32nd league title to the citizens of Madrid at the headquarterso of the Government of Madrid, City Hall and La Almudena Cathedral.
The team and club delegation arrived at the Government of Madrid headquarters at 10:00 in the morning, where dozens of fans were already waiting for them. They were received by President Esperanza Aguirre, who upon receiving the league trophy presented Real Madrid Premier Florentino Perez with a commemorative plaque. Perez in turn gave her a replica of the trophy and a personalised team shirt with the number 32.

"Thank you for receiving us," said captain Iker Casillas, "It is always important to us to be here every year. We have reasons to be happy and to believe we will offer more titles here in the future."

"We're here again, just like we promised last year," added Florentino Perez, "Ours is a universal club, but this is our home and one of the reasons why we want to win more titles. We've won this one in our 110th anniversary." President Aguirre pointed out "this is a day of immense joy for every citizen of Madrid. I'm happy to have you share a title with us again this year. Congratulations for your spectacular season."

Before departing to City Hall, the squad stood in a balcony to show the trophy to the fans. "Thank you for everything," clamoured Casillas, "This trophy belongs to you Madridistas and citizens of Madrid." Ramos thanked everyone for their "support throughout the year and for being here today," while Higuain also thanked the supporters for "enjoying a title that was so hard to win."
At City Hall, which is located at Cibeles square, the team was received by Mayor Ana Botella, who said: "We are proud of you. This league has been like a long distance race and winning it was a task for true champs like yourselves. Thank you for being such magnificent ambassadors of Madrid. You deserve more than a 10 out of 10; you deserve a mark of 100, just like the record number of points you took this season."

The Mayor gave Florentino Perez, the players and the coaching staff a memento of the occasion, while surprisingly handing captain Casillas a traditional Madrid cap, as befits during the current celebrations of the city's patron, Saint Isidro. Perez presented the Mayor with a replica of the trophy, a shirt signed by the entire squad and another personalised team shirt with the number 32 on its back.

"This league belongs to you as much as it belongs to us," said the Real Madrid President as he addressed the fans gathered at City Hall, "This team has earned a special place in the memories of all Madridistas with this feat. We work seriously and hard to enlarge the greatness of our legend."

"We want and hope to return next year," added Casillas and Ramos. Granero also grabbed the microphone and expressed how "proud the team is of the citizens of Madrid" and Marcelo said they were all "incredibly happy with our wonderful supporters."

Finally, Real Madrid took the league trophy to La Almudena Cathedral, where they were received by Cardinal Rouco Varela, who said: "On this day, you offer to the Virging a league title Real Madrid deservedly won. We're here to observe a religious tradition that takes place due to the fervour there is for the Virgin."

"Real Madrid again observes this tradition," said President Perez, "We celebrate our 110th anniversary with a league title that may have been the toughest to win yet. Football can bring out the best in people, such as unbreakable faith and the will to never give up, and it can also be an instrument with which to boost solidarity."

Captains Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos deposited a bouquet of flowers at the Virgin's feet. The entire squad followed to offer the title at the altar and received a religious gift from the Cardinal. The act ended with a group photo presided by the Virgin of La Almudena, patron of the city.

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